Here are the pictures we took of a few soapy massage parlors in Pattaya. The soapy is a treat not to be missed if you go on a holiday to Thailand. There are lots of soapy massage shops in Pattaya.

One thing you might want to do before you step inside a soapy massage shop in Thailand is to read the "Soapy Massage" chapter in Pattaya Bar Girls Report. This report will prepare you for the action in Pattaya, teach you how to approach the soapy massage girls and show you where to find the 5 best soapy massage parlors in Pattaya Thailand.

Are all soapy massage parlors are the same? Good question. The answer might be "no" because the decor is different from parlor to parlor. Some might be older and need a bit of maintenance. But what about the important stuff. What about the massage girls? Are they different? Is one soapy massage parlor better than another because of the girls who work there?

Here is a controversial soapy massage review.

Go check it out. It specifically references a particular massage parlor in Pattaya and includes an interesting description of a customer's experience during the soapy.

Want to see what goes on in the soapy massage parlors? OK here is a link to a web site that has lots of soapy massage videos for you to peruse. Please don't follow this link if you are offended by nudity

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  • PP Body Massage Pattaya 001
  • PP Body Massage Pattaya 002
  • PP Body Massage Pattaya 003
  • PP Body Massage Pattaya 004
  • Soapy Massage Parlor Soi Diamond 011
  • Soapy Massage Parlor Soi Diamond 012
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 001
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 002
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 003
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 004
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 005
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 006
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 007
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 008
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 009
  • Soapy Massage Pattaya 010