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Welcome to Photos Pattaya. Here you will find pictures of Pattaya bars, the pretty Pattaya girls and of course the nightlife that Pattaya is well known for. Dig into our site and find photos taken at many of the attractions around Pattaya including Mini Siam, the beautiful Nong Nooch Gardens, Pattaya Floating Market, shopping centers, Tuk Com computer center, Walking Street and Soi 6. They are just some of the attractions that we photographed.

But that is not all. There are thousands of photos on our sites. Each page has it's own slide show.You can click any of the thumb size pics to view a larger picture. When you view a larger picture you can start the slide show by clicking on the controls at the top of the picture.

Festivals and Celebrations

We got out amongst the locals during the Songkran festival. That is the water throwing festival. We had to be careful with the cameras but we had a lot of fun taking those pictures.
Another festival pictured on Photos Pattaya is The Pattaya Mardi Gras. This is an annual event that begins with mobile floats and Pattaya people representing various businesses all assembling for a colorful parade through the streets of Pattaya City.

Safety and Scams

We took lots of photos of the foot paths where you need to tread carefully. Why? Because there are many hazards that you should look out for such as big holes in the pavement, exposed electrical cables, and objects at head height that you will need to duck under. About the scams, you can read about these in an eBook written by Bill Williams. You will find the website here. We did take some photos of a money scam that is run by some Nigerian culprits. Check out the pictures we snapped of this Nigerian fake money scam so you will be prepared if you happen to be approached by one of these perpetrators.

Hotels and Resorts

We have also included some pictures and reviews of our favorite hotels and resorts. There is a wide variety of accommodation in Pattaya. From budget hotels to luxury hotels and resorts with spas and beautifully landscaped gardens. In some of these resorts you can experience what it is like to live inside a cool tropical rainforest.

Our photos will take you inside the Bella Express hotel in Pattaya Glang (Central Road) for a buffet breakfast. You can eat all you want for 99 baht. And to stimulate your appatite a little further there is another buffet breakfast waiting for you at the Lek Hotel on Second Road.

Shows and Cabarets

Yes we have a few pages about the Pattaya shows and cabarets. Would a website about Pattaya be complete without mentioning the Ladyboy shows and cabarets? We took our cameras along to Tiffany's Show, Alcazar Show, Alarnkan and Malibu Show.

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